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Drink Every Time --
-- There are kids or old people onscreen
-- Someone lipsyncs
-- "Cold-ass honky"
-- Ryan Lewis is onscreen


Olympic Games - Women's Gymnastics All Around Final

Even if you already know who won (or if you live under a rock), celebrate the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat again with this drinking game in time for the NBC airing tonight!

  • Every time a Russian Gymnast cries
  • Every time one of the girls is referred to as a "diva"
  • Every time a commentator uses the word "catastrophic" 
  • Every time a commentator says "devastating"
  • Every time they show Aly Raisman's parents freaking out in the audience
  • Someone fails to 'stick' the landing
  • Someone just straight up falls
  • For the Gold Medalist!



We may not be Olympic athletes, but we sure have a gold medal in drinking! Commemorate their athletic achievements and your liver calisthenics with these rules for the 2012 Olympic Summer Games!


Someone doesn't stick the landing
- A personal interest story airs (Drink again if it's ultra sad)
- National anthem plays that you have never heard before
- National anthem plays that you know all the words to (Drink again if it's not your own)
- Ugly uniforms
- Crying parent
- Comparisons of 2012 London Opening Ceremony to 2008 Beijing Opening Ceremony
- Someone refers to the queen for no reason
- Someone speculates on Kate Middleton's outfit (double for Pippa)
- Parents are coaches
- Someone eats it during the hurdles
- Gabby Douglas, just because.
- Any time anyone says "Phelps"
- Someone is an "expert" on a sport, despite never having played it (drink again if they've never seen it)


- Someone breaks a record
- Eastern Europe wins a gold medal
- Anything about North Korea is mentioned
- A woman is the flag bearer
- Olympic Planning Fail
- Someone gets hurt
- You find yourself watching a sport you have never heard of but who cares because it's the Olympics (finish your beer for this one, let's be honest)


- Every time you are overwhelmed with pride for your country and shed tears


(Compiled with help from Deej and Alli. inspired in no small part by Cheezeburger's Rules)


Get Effed Up in 5 MInutes

A new game that was taught to us by one of our favorite Drinking Buddies, she learned it through a teammate. The game stays true to its name and works great for those quick and dirty pre-pre-parties!

You will need:
-- A deck of cards
-- Beer or your drink of choice!


1.  One person will be the Dealer and one person will be the Player. Put down ten cards in a row, face up, on the table. Put a slight gap between the first five cards and the second five cards. This will be 'the Bridge'.

2.  Starting at one end of the row of cards, the Player must correctly guess if the next card the Dealer pulls from the deck will be "higher" or "lower" than the one currently facing up. After the Player guesses 'higher' or 'lower' for a card, the Dealer flips over the top card on the deck and places it below the main row.
  • For instance, the first card in the row is a 10. The Player guesses 'higher'. The Dealer flips over the next card in the deck, it's a Queen. The Player guesses right, so the Player moves to the next card in the row. It's an 8. Player guesses 'lower'. The Dealer flips over the next card and it's a 6. The Player guessed wrong, which brings us to... 
3.  Every time the Player guesses wrong, s/he has to take a drink, move back to the beginning of the main row and DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. This time, however, the Player guesses off the most recent card drawn in that row. So in the example above, the Player would be guessing 'higher' or 'lower' than a Queen (not the 10), then 'higher' or 'lower' than a 6 (not the 8). This is not required, but believe us when we say, you'll want to start counting cards!

4. Once you make it to the slight gap between the first half and second half of the main row, everybody drinks 'to get over the Bridge'. This happens every time the Player crosses the bridge.

 Variations include:
-- The Dealer or everyone watching has to drink when the Player gets it right.
-- Always guess off the main row, not the additions.
-- If the Player gets the whole thing right on the first guess, they get to make the Dealer chug a beer / make the Dealer their bitch / do whatever because this is almost impossible!

For your learning convenience, we've uploaded an example to our new YouTube channel! Check it out:

We apologize for the rotation issues, but would you expect anything less?

Get it? Got it? Good!
Get drinking!


Presidents / Asshole

This is a tried and true drinking game. We're pretty sure the first time we played this game we were in the 7th grade and there was no alcohol involved. Like most things, it's a lot more fun when there is drinking involved.

There are many variations of this game, but these are the rules we know. Feel free to add yours!

You'll need:

-- A deck of cards
-- Beer


1. Deal out the full deck to all players

2. Twos are wild, so are red 3s. Aces are high. Whoever has the three of clubs starts.

3. You can play up to four of a kind at a time. But remember, if you start with two (or three or four) of a kind, everyone else has to also play the same number. e.g: Steve starts with a pair of threes. Amanda plays her pair of sixes. Jamie has no pairs, so he passes.

4. The next person can play any card higher than the one last played. If you don't have a higher card, you must pass. You can use a 2 or a red 3 to clear the current pile. You can also clear by completing a set (a pair of twos on a pair of twos). Anyone can do this at any time.

5. If no one can play, the person who played the last card starts the next round. If you played a clear card, then you start the next round. After the first round, you can start with any card.

6. Whoever finishes their hand first becomes the President. Next person to finish is Vice President. Last person to finish is the asshole. Second to last person is vice asshole.

7. The next round starts the same as the first. The asshole shuffles and deals. Before the round starts, the asshole gives the president their two best cards, the president gives the asshole their two worst cards. Vice president and vice asshole do the same with their single best and worst card.

8. Now here is the fun part - the president gets to boss everyone around. Everyone gets to boss the asshole around. The president can make rules, make people drink, or whatever you can think of! The asshole does whatever everyone wants them to do. We've heard variations that include forbidding the asshole to speak unless spoken to, and the asshole has to always refill drinks.

Variations: you can play another of the same value card to skip the next person in play.

Get ready, this escalates fast!